Thank-A-Vet | Committee Members

2017 Thank-A-Vet Co-Chairs

Bill Chop and Dave Levac


Thank-A-Vet Secretary

Jayne Carman


Thank-A-Vet Treasurer

Tracy Vanderwyk


Volunteers are the KEY component to a successful Thank-A-Vet luncheon!

It is through the generous donation of time and energy that this luncheon is so very successful year after year. This year we are honoured to have the following people as key members of our Executive Thank-A-Vet Committee:

  • Paul Elliott
  • Matt Bradley
  • Heather Gaukel
  • Grant Philpott
  • Mike Rafferty
  • Robert Lavigne
  • Chris Chaban
  • Pat Eyzenga
  • Ed Chrzanowski
  • Don Spiece
  • Jayne Carman
  • Liz Ferraccioli
  • Tracy Vanderwyk
  • Richard Carpenter
  • Robert Johnson
  • Willem Bouma

Set-up Committee …Chris & Ross Enslev